Are Boxers “water dogs”?

Question by Kraziegurl79 ist ein Rock Star: Are Boxers “water dogs”?
Meaning, are they made for swimming, or can they swim. My Boxer loves the water and like to take baths, but can Boxers swim?

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Answer by Mica<3
I think all dogs can swim

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  1. Glazbinator

    Boxers are not considered a water dog. My boxer likes to go in the lake, but she won’t go above her shoulders so… I don’t think they really like swimming all that much, but they will go in the water.

  2. Emily ♥

    All dogs can swim, some just don’t like it.
    You don’t have to teach it, they already know.

    If he doesn’t like swimming, just leave it alone. Only some dogs like to swim, regardless of breed. My beagle doesn’t like to swim, but she loves baths.

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