Ever thought of buying a pet monkey?

Pet monkey

Most pet owners are happy and content with their dog or cat respectively. The in-a-rush pet owner may have settled for the easy to raise rabbit. We then have the wannabe pet owners, who have purchased a goldfish, for the simple reason of owning a gold fish.

While these fairly common pets do bring the companionship and loving nature that one expects from a family creature, they do not even near the experience of owning your own pet monkey. The most common pet monkeys found in regular homes is the capuchin, which you may remember Ross owning in Friends or Ben Stiller's character in the Night at the museum having a slap contest with. They are portrayed as loving and kind natured animals, with practically no flaws, this is not the case.

Media is a powerful tool, which has shone a light on these creatures as fun loving animals that would be no problem to look after. This could not be farther from the truth, these are wild animals, which are the opposite of docile, anyone even considering homing a pet monkey, must possess the patience of a Tibetan monk.

If your decision of owning one of these extravagant creatures has been made, unmake it and do some research. Countless hours need to be spent extracting information that would be needed in the raising of the primate, if then you feel you are the person for the job, and would be able to spend the time and effort that is needed for a pet monkey, go for it!

Now to actually buying the monkey, you may not know which breed you like or which would be most suitable for you, this would also need to be researched. Upon deciding you then face the problem of finding a breeder to purchase the monkey from, unless you know a breeder personally they may be difficult to find, which is why themonkeymart.com was created, it provides a catalogue of monkeys for sale and even allows you to sell monkeys that you own.

Good luck!

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