Dogs suffering from a skin condition? It could be seasonal allergies.

Dogs suffering from a skin condition? It could be seasonal allergies.

Study links specific nutrients to reduced skin inflammation in dogs

GUELPH, ON, July 2, 2013 /CNW/ – Spring and summer is allergy season for humans, but many people may not realize that dogs can also suffer from environmental allergies this time of year. Instead of coughing and sneezing, dogs often show signs of seasonal allergies through their skin – scratching, shedding, poor coat, and inflamed skin.

Unfortunately, skin issues can also be challenging to resolve and be a source of frustration for pet owners dealing with their pet’s discomfort. “The second most common reason for Canadians to visit their veterinarian is to resolve their dog’s skin issues,” says Dr. Bob Clement, a veterinary expert at Royal Canin Canada. “Skin plays a vital role in protecting dogs from environmental allergies because many of the particles that cause allergies are actually absorbed through a dog’s skin – particularly if the skin is dry or unhealthy.”

Moisture is a key component in healthy skin. In 2006, the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition conducted research on 27 nutrients to determine which ones performed best in promoting a healthy skin barrier with reduced moisture loss. The combination of pantothenate (Vitamin B5), inositol (Vitamin B8), nicotinamide (Vitamin B3), choline (organic compound, B complex vitamin), and histidine (an essential amino acid) were found to promote a healthy skin barrier by significantly reducing moisture loss in dogs after just nine weeks.

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“That barrier is key. If it is compromised, environmental allergens are more readily absorbed and can result in allergic reactions that many pet owners may not recognize,” says Clement. “A tell-tale sign of an allergic reaction in dogs is swollen, red skin, but also look for excessive paw licking, reluctance to

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  1. DigitalFlowX

    New WATCH DOGS RAP up on DigitalflowX! PS4!

  2. TobyStartz

    Well the 3 playable and switchable protagonists, plus the ability to plan and prepare for missions, hire help, adding character specific abilities as well as stats, player, gun, car and phone customization, a revamped economy system with perks, buying properties and businesses, revamped shooting, driving and wanted system, replaying mission and checkpoints, dynamic side missions, the biggest amount of cars/gun/environment types so far, etc.

    They are evolving it in pretty much every category.

  3. TobyStartz

    Also, you will be able to move around the city quite nicely, you can’t do parkour, put you can still jump and climb over most obstacles, as well as shimmying along ledges.
    And GTA V’s map might not be the largest out there, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not huge, it IS, at least compared to WD and previous GTA games. It may also be smaller than JC, but it’s much more detailed.

  4. TobyStartz

    What’s underhyped and what’s overhyped is partly a matter of opinion. When a game is popular (sells a LOT), has a very large fanbase that likes it and gets incredibly good reviews, then I think we can agree that it’s definitely not overhyped.

  5. Alex Gonzalez

    I can’t wait for the new splinter cell blacklist and watch dogs it’s going to be cool !!!!

  6. huskiesghost

    I doubt it, I trust Ubisoft with this game.

  7. cinqo7

    It’s incredible that they are using a functional PS4, a functional Watch Dogs game and still are making us wait until december 31 to get them!!!!

  8. docblaze28

    Fuck picking sides, I’m getting both this and GTA V!

  9. TheProduc3rr

    These games can’t even be compared

  10. TheXCore360

    Not to mention we haevn’t even really seen the full map so it still could even be bigger than Just Cause 2’s.

  11. mrmrmrwatermellon

    Perhaps I’ve used the wrong term. The GTA series are over rated. Rockstar can do exactly what Saints Row 4 is doing, but instead of the massive hate that SR4 gets, Rockstar would get 10/10 reviews, even if Rockstar made Saints Row.

  12. Sniffsniff Oh yay

    Watch dogs!!!!!!!! ?

  13. Sniffsniff Oh yay

    5 year’s to be made awesome!!!!!!!! ?

  14. TobyStartz

    You mean deviate from the formula of the previous games more and more (as well as recycle most of the content from the previous games)? I think R* would be hated as well if they did that.

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