‘Dog’ Pro-Gun, Anti-Ammo

'Dog' Pro-Gun, Anti-Ammo

Dog is back! The pony-tailed muscleman who seemingly locked up half of Hawaii's residents has a new show on CMT. Called 'Dog and Beth: On the Hunt” it features Dog doing what he does best – nabbing bad guys. Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman spoke to Fox about it and what he thinks about gun control.

FOX411: Tell us about the new show?

Dog: The old show we were bounty hunting just in Hawaii and once in a while in Colorado. A lot of people saw us doing it and thought it was easy and not dangerous. In the last couple of years it started averaging about one or so a month young bounty hunters were getting killed, or making terrible mistakes like killing the family dog or stunning someone who wasn't involved. Once we stopped our previous show a guy named Chris Grant (CEO of Electus who produces the show) came to me and said, 'Dog, I don't know if I can say you are responsible for these guys, but you made it look easy. I think you need to go around the country training these people and making sure they stay alive, give them your ins and outs.' So now we go across the U.S. where bail bondsmen are allowed, which are 47 [states] and we train them. We've got unbelievable responses.

FOX411: Any surprises?

Dog: A lot more guns than I expected. I'm a gun advocate and I believe everyone can have one to protect themselves, but guns are rampant, it's like a disease being spread though out the U.S.

FOX411: So how can you be pro-gun?


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