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To most of us dog lovers (and other pet owners as well I suppose), losing a beloved dog is like losing a member of the family. It is expected for us to grieve the loss of a friend or family member. Yet, many fear being ridiculed or mocked if they mourn the death of their dog even though they had a closer relationship with their dog than wit
h any human they know.

Pet cemeteries offer pet owners a place to lay their pet to rest and somewhere to go to mourn and remember them. Others prefer to cremate their dog’s remains and scatter ashes in their pet's favorite place or to keep them close to hand as a reminder.

Recently, I discovered a new concept and service that really caught my attention. “HereAfter Frames” provides the best of all tributes – in my mind – for preserving memories of a passed dog or other pet.

HereAfter Frames

First, the artists at HereAfter Frames can create a custom painting or drawing of your dog, based on an image you provide them. Or, if you have a favorite photo, they can digitally remaster and enlarge the image, preserving a wonderful memory.

Then, the picture or photo is mounted in a beautiful hand-crafted frame. These frames are not only beautiful, but as an amateur woodworker, I am quite impressed with their craftsmanship. I believe anyone would be proud to mount such a frame, highlighting a piece of artwork honoring their dog, in any room in their house. Very nice indeed.

Finally – and here’s where it gets really creative – if you have decided to go the cremation route, these frames can be modified to “fit” your choice of urn. I’ve carefully reviewed the photos on their website, and it’s obvious the artists are able to truly match the urn to the frame – often in very creative ways. (See the image on the left).

HereAfter Frames

These photo frames would also be a great gift for someone you know who is grieving the loss of a dog.

If you are interested in learning more about HereAfter Frames, here’s a couple links to help you out.

Website: HereAfter Frames

Facebook: HereAfter Frames

For those who have experienced the pain of losing a pet in the past, this site offers a real opportunity to share the grief and openly mourn their passing. No longer is it an embarrassment to grieve your pet's passing
anywhere in the world.

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