'A distraction from reality': Comfort dogs bring peace to Boston victims


6 hours ago

Of all the traits that make dogs special, here's one of the best: They don't judge you when you cry.

For that reason, specially trained therapy dogs deployed by Lutheran Church Charities are making bedside visits to dozens of hospitalized victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. Many patients are responding mightily to the one-on-one doses of canine comfort.

"It’s relaxing -- takes my mind off of what happened," said David Yepez, 15, who is recovering from surgery at Tufts Medical Center after being hit in the leg by shrapnel at the epicenter of Monday's blast.

"It's good to have my mind away from the accident, the doctors. To have a moment of peace. [I haven't] had many moments of peace."

Lee Ann Yanni is another bombing survivor who relished a visit Wednesday from empathetic four-legged friends. Two golden retrievers gazed adoringly at the runner right before she underwent surgery on her shattered leg. At the time of the bombings, Yanni had been

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