Q&A: What do you think about giving your pets people names?

Question by Mrs. B: What do you think about giving your pets people names?
My husband wants to name our dogs typical “dog names” I already have a dog named Thaddeous, and Chloe, now I would like to name the third and newest edition Chris, what do you think?

Best answer:

Answer by Queen of the Dachshunds
go for it. i like to give dogs unusual names. i have never met a dog named chris!

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29 Responses to “Q&A: What do you think about giving your pets people names?”

  1. technaja

    Well, I think is has characteristic.. Go for it.. Chris sounds cute and energetic.

  2. Katie

    I think you should name him Chris. It’s a cute name and unique! I like it!!!!

  3. freetodervish

    There’s nothing wrong with naming your dog Chris. If it makes you happy, go for it.

  4. bladedogsrule

    I just wonder why so many people give their children doggy names?

  5. katie

    I say go ahead and name him chris. Who cares if its not a “dog name” as long as your happy with it.

  6. Starr

    I did (Peyton). I say go with what you like. Don’t like “Chris” — what about Quincy.

  7. *grins*

    a buddy of mine has a dog named Dave , its hilarious because when he speaks of Dave you forget it is a dog, and you think it is a person…
    “Dave and I went for a hike”
    “Dave and I are watching TV”


  8. Jane W

    I used to hate it, but it really cracks me up now (especially boy names). Go for it.

  9. sexy babe

    I think that sounds great! Go for it.

  10. angela p

    i name mine people names

  11. bmoline

    We had a dog named Chris.
    Most of my animals, even fish, have had human names.
    Right now I have dogs named Jessica, Jack (Daniel’s) or Jack (the girl), and Mr. Thompson. Animals don’t care what you call them, as long as you call them.



  13. candy g

    not a huge fan of it……………………….went to a friends house years ago [1st time ever] and the mum said hi and went off into the kitchen and seconds later she was screaming oh ***** [my name] you dirty little bit@h look what you have done, I am gonna smack you, I just about peed my self……….then mother came out of kitchen and was introduced to me……..[very pale and all but shaking] mum this is ***** she burst out laughing and said that’s funny that’s the dogs name……………..

    Can laugh about it now but was NOT happy at the time.

  14. el.tuco

    i bet you have kids named spike and buster

  15. shortansassy

    If you like it why not.

  16. gwen b

    I think it’s a wonderful idea, i’m also a pet lover and i’ve have given my pets people names, all I can say is go for it. thank you

  17. Beanie

    Sounds fine to me. Personally, I think names such as Fluffy or Brownie sound a little dumb for anything.

  18. jumpingjellybean

    I think its fine. I was going to call my dog ozzy but decided on Bailey and I’m really glad I went for a sensible name or it could be a bit embarrassing at the vets when they call his name, or in the park when you call his name. I like Chris.

  19. blonde mom70

    I think you should name your dogs whatever YOU like. I have 3 and their all named after people. Rusty for #2 NASCAR driver Rusty Wallace, Ozzy for Ozzy Osborne[because he’s crazy!] and Missy after a friend I had who moved away.

  20. darlin_nikki06

    people names for dogs are better than ”dog” names. Maybe you could name it chris and just have your husband think of a nickname out of it

  21. Pirata!!

    i don’t find anything wrong with naming your dog, chris. i mean it is your dog, and he is another addition to the family. why not name him chris. a lot of people think of their dogs as their kids, so you have the right to name your dog, anything you want. i mean girls are named chloe, and one of your dogs name is chloe, so why not chris. ? go for it!

  22. wheels

    I think it is fine as long as you have a dog’s name, like fifi perhaps

  23. Michelle

    Sure whatever you want. There are no rules.

  24. i_luv_pete_wentzz

    I think thats a great idea!lol i named my dog chloe too!I like to name dog people names its fun!i used to name my pets after celebs lol!i say go for it!chris is a cute name for a dog

  25. Blessed1

    I think that would be really cool…It’s like they live out their names anyways…go for it!

  26. katlvr125

    Since I think that your pet is just another part of the family–go for it

  27. darlene b

    i think its a great idea, to name pets, people names, because, we as pet owners/lovers
    treat our pets , as they are family members, so of course they should have human names, since we treat them as such

  28. Perplexed Music Lover

    Why not? My last dog was named Amy. My current dog is Hunter. Why restrict yourself? Chris sounds pretty cool.

  29. mollyneville

    My dogs are Molly and Neville, so I think people names for dogs are ok.

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