Q&A: Whats the name of this dog harness company?

Question by photography=mylife: Whats the name of this dog harness company?
i wanted to get my dog this harness/seatbelt thing from a website someone told me about but now i forgot the name…it started with a K it was like kabat or something like that? from what i could tell they pretty much just had harnesses on the site or that’s what they specialized in …hellllp!

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Answer by Achelios
I don’t know… and even did a search to try to help you

the one I use is this one:

wait a minute — I found one that might be it — Kurgo

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www.shiba.over-blog.com http Shiba Inu : time to put himself his dog harness leash ! He’s ready to walk ?
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15 Responses to “Q&A: Whats the name of this dog harness company?”

  1. shiba90

    Bravo !! super le harnais :-))))

  2. speshalkinca

    Wow — what a clever dog, but of course you are also a clever dog owner/trainer! A true Pack Leader!!!

  3. Sonja Dahlen

    He is a very clever Shiba !! Bravo !!
    Greetings from Sonja and Yoshi ?

    Thanks for sharing

  4. spartan177saber

    what a cute dog. My aunt had one but she didnt let him know she was pack leader and tore everything up and ended up running off. I thought it was an awesome little dog but i’m weary of if its gonna be trouble.

  5. icecreamchik

    this is great, how do you go about training for this?

  6. nejitenfan

    whats the best harnnes for 2 small dogs around 20lbs each that are outside on a run casue the other day one of my dogs sliped out of her collar and now im lookinf for a body harness that can’t be slipped out of or that will snap open or break please help me

  7. boucher21

    anyone else have a dog that is terrified of having their harness put on them? it is so bad that when my shiba sees me go to reach for it to take her outside she will go and hide under the bed, weve tried treats, talking baby talk, ignoring her until she comes back out from under the bed, everything! she can beat up dogs three times her size at the dog park but when it comes to that harness she is a big scaredy cat!



  9. NanaPuppyLove

    aaah he’s so cute!!!!!!! My shiba helps a lil when we put on his but not as much as yours! wow! so awesome!

  10. enoogen

    my shiba growls and hates his harness!!

  11. crazy9730


  12. OcB055

    its how you introduce your dog to the harness you cant just put it on them. try a different location and let her smell the harness. then gently put it on her back remove and on her head and let her be around it even just lay it on the floor and wait to put it on her when shes calm. and now that she is scared of it maybe take her for a walk and hold the harness in your hand showing it to her and when the timing right exchange the collar with the harness, good luck

  13. Hyokenseisou

    Haha, wish my boy did that, instead of screaming at me to do it for him. lol

  14. ShiaLaBe0uf

    my puppy doesnt get it she thinks its a toy and keeps biting on it and wont even let me put it on

  15. SSaaNNddYY77

    Thanks so much for showing me this… My first Shiba was just like that with hers. She knew she would be going somewhere fun when I put it on her. My new Shiba pup was hysterical in hers… Funny how they are so much a like but so different in other ways. ?

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