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In a prior post I talked about how to use GoDaddy promo codes for purchasing new domains and renewing domains you may own. It’s a great way to save a few bucks – that can turn into potentially hundreds – over the course of a year.

Now let’s look at other promo codes (or coupon codes, if you will). and how they can save a lot of money.

If you have a website where you sell things (like dog or puppy products), you may have set up some sort of eCommerce platform. If you did so, then you probably set up some sort of merchant account to enable you to take money from customers. And, if you went that far, you certainly picked up an SSL certificate (SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer).

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SSL is what causes your browser to display a lock symbol or display https: in your browser window whenever you visit a secure site. It’s the “layer” of security that allows you to transmit something (credit card information, passwords, other personal data) encrypted so that it is not visible to a potential eavesdropper.

SSL certificates can be expensive. Which is why, just as in the case of purchasing domain names, it is smart to use a coupon or promo code. (Example coupons can be found here: Godaddy Ssl promo codes).

It’s easy to use a promo code. There’s a link in the GoDaddy shopping cart that prompts you for promo code data. Once you enter the promo code, your shopping cart totals are adjusted accordingly. I’ve seen promo codes that reduce a very large shopping cart to a few dollars. It’s well worth the time to find them.

If you want to save some money, check out the Godaddy 12.99 ssl promotion that is going on right now.

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