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If you ever need to write an essay for a school project, or perhaps to get a new job or impress your current employer, there’s a few things to keep in mind. Of course, you could employ an essay writing service to do the hard part and save yourself a few headaches. But, if not, here’s a few tips:

Be as cohesive as possible. If your paper is cohesive and well-written, you will be seen as an organized person who is able to present ideas in a fashion that others will like and understand.

Stay on topic. Don't jump from one topic to the next.

Mention something only if it is appropriate and related to whatever . Keep stories and anecdotes for a more appropriate time.

Be concise. Don't try to overwhelm or awe the audience by bombarding them with words.

Use active verbs to imply action and initiative. I, as well as others, have a tendency to overuse passive verbs. It makes for a bad sentence.

Keep sentences brief but complete and be direct to the point. Readers lose track of thoughts and ideas if sentences meander all over the place.

Don't write as if you’re telling a mystery story.

Watch your structure.

There you have it. A few tips that can help make your essay or paper effective and useful.

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