I like: Plush Football Dog Toy

Plush Football Dog Toy

Plush Football Dog Toy. Game On! Just in time for football season, this toy is for the four-legged sports lover in your house. Perfect for retrieving, squeaking and squeezing! Machine washable. Pets should be supervised when playing with toys as no toy is completely indestructible. Sizing: 6 in.
List Price: $ 11.00
Price: $ 11.00

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Question by olayak: Do you have a service dog for bipolar disorder?
I know that it is one of the few disabilites (and almost the only mental illness) that you can have a service dog for. Just wondering if anyone out there has a service dog for their mental illness and their experience with it.
Bipolar disorder is NOT multiple personalities and NOT having phobias. It is a serious disability. It is so sad that people are having fun making fun of the disabled. It is a serious question.
goldie- most people with psych service dogs are also on meds and in therapy. it sounds like your dog is already pretty close to being a service dog (if she can help you with your manic/depressive states). check out psychdog.org for more info.

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Answer by simplysexy1300
W.T.F are u having a breakout now ?

why the heck would a dog be able t o help you with that ? Im not being mean but your asking a stupid question just think how the HELL can a dam dog help u control multiple personalities ; there are dog to help ppl see or fetch things not as a theropist or doctor …WTF

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  1. tower816

    ya i have one for the fear of cats=Felinophobia

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