Q&A: where to buy small dog clothes and accessories?

Question by : where to buy small dog clothes and accessories?
I have a little yorkie shes a teacup/toy (i don’t want any comments about there being no such thing etc..) and its really hard to find colors, clothes and harnesses for her. I live in the UK. If you know of any sites/shops that sell teacup/xxs dog clothes and accessories that would be great ?
no, i know what you mean but she wont go out if its cold without a jacket or something

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Have you tried searching on ebay? Wilkinsons do some really cute, little harnesses that might fit her, you could always put her in a cat harness if dog ones are too small. But why on earth would you want to put clothes on a dog, its practically cruelty to animals. Please dont tell me you are one of those people who treat their dogs like babies. It makes me sick when I see people walking round with a dog wearing nappies, clothes and in a pram, I actually banned someone from bringing one into the shop I work in. No dogs means no dogs whether they are in a pram or not and she told me it was a child to her. Didnt seem to register when I explained that to her its a child and to everyone else it is a fat, poorly treated animal.

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