Huskies pulling sledge

Huskies pulling sledge
dog harness
Image by State Library of New South Wales collection
Format: Silver gelatin photoprint

Notes: First Australasian Antarctic Expedition, 1911-1914

From the collections of the Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

Information about photographic collections of the State Library of New South Wales

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Category: Dog Harness

297 Responses to “Huskies pulling sledge”

  1. Mark-B

    that breed looks a lot stockier back then. nowadays, they look very lean; kinda like long-distance runners.

  2. 張巖

    I love it and it’s really incredible

  3. gsp100677

    Amazing photo!

  4. Carlos Vieira.

    Gorgeous capture lovely photo.

  5. C.A.R.L.O.


  6. agn lau made in sweden busy :)

    Wow very nice!

  7. Sandra Brouwer


  8. 7mdan photo

    n!Ce shot

  9. hocus'O'focus


  10. Ian Barrar

    so good

  11. Nino H

    Very nice capture !

  12. mgw_wgw

    A wonderful view of the working huskies ?

    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?? )

  13. sylwia_2S

    Just beautiful capture.

  14. pinjuu

    cool shot =)

  15. nattaya2010

    I love all dogs do this because it’s pretty nice.

  16. Paw Prints Charming

    Wonderful capture!

  17. dianetta77


  18. Catch a Moment Photography

    these dogs look so different from the huskies we have today

  19. Raquel Román

    very beautiful light!!!! ?

  20. briggsith

    That is amazing. I love those dogs, but they look really quite terrifying in that picture. Reminds me of the wolf in the movie 300. Super cool.

  21. alexis.musinov

    wow dogs ))) Beautiful Photo….

  22. ghost penis

    those dogs look unreal

  23. Photo.Ecology

    this group of photos puts modern shots of the arctic to creative shame. wow.


    Woof Woof Love ;o))

    Amazing Picture ?

    Happy Holidays

    Free Art For World Peace

    Peaceout & Enjoy

  25. boobiejung

    wonderful it’s nice ..

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  27. Brand New Style.

    Just Perfect,
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  28. gokmenmani

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  29. Zaki busy

    Amazing, very impressive.

  30. omeuxeito


  31. artland

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  32. Dr.Yobb

    third dog from the right reminds me of the wolf from The Never Ending Story….

  33. Saviem


  34. Mari Herzer

    great photo!

  35. Peter Solano. Pursuing a dream!


  36. Tartaranhao


  37. O m n i v o r o v s

    Visual document as amazing past.
    Great image.

  38. Jessi Garrison

    This is so interesting…. they look like cartoon dogs to me! I’m having a hard time convincing my brain that they’re real. It’s a beautiful shot though.

  39. wowogo

    cool !
    good job

  40. alphaskin

    as far as I know Greenland husky’s/dogs

  41. kyussrules

    Greenland or Inuit dogs?

  42. mohan_reddy_mutyala

    thank you

  43. mohan_reddy_mutyala

    In the glacial of harizon
    hurtle with wild animal……………….

  44. NancyS2.

    Incredible! And such beautiful animals.

  45. MyTubeNYC

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  46. smoothie_

    really, really great ;D

  47. titaree

    beautiful capture! …

  48. pimnara

    great shot

  49. alphaskin

    those dogs are definately…..huskies! maybe not siberian husky’s or alaskans….these are greenland huskies >>> extremely strong husky’s!

    owner Amaruk-kennels

  50. Ms. Kathleen

    What a Beautiful Winter Wonderland of Snow!

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  51. gu@n

    thumbs up !

  52. Philifjonka

    Aussergew?hnlich und zauberhaft.

  53. johnnyraper

    Gorgeous. Well done.

  54. alexshillander

    this is an amazing shot!

  55. prex79

    wow !

  56. P4ULy W4LLy

    very mysterious

  57. A1StudioPhotography

    God bless the new age of photography =)

  58. zeki99

    what a photo!

  59. upasana rathi14


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  62. marija_radoman

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  64. tonethecat

    Incredible capture!

  65. Ruy Cruz


  66. HL's Photo

    great picture

  67. uncle hrum

    what a mood ? I really like it

  68. Sara' eyes

    Waouh… Superbe!

  69. triargho

    waw…wonderful (mantab)

  70. Mcmommy24


  71. Flyusa

    … i feel really bad for these dogs. booo its so cold there

  72. I wanna be sedated !

    is simply great!

  73. Rene 69

    great shot.

  74. Wo0oW.GriL

    They are very beautiful images
    Thank you for the picture
    comment me plz
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  76. meryhappy

    amazing picture!!!

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  78. Con el recuerdo de Tucán ♫

    Excelente fotografia

  79. Fatima Teresa

    maravillosa toma saludos

  80. anthonyqh3

    buen?sima foto.

  81. APizm


  82. rommel.bautista

    this is epic

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  85. Mouin.M►(away)

    thats beautiful

  86. bjarkihalldors

    Great photo and great treatment.

  87. Gowri Clicks

    whoa…the big boys !

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    wow … i adore it !!

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  92. Shairani

    Gorgeous shot

  93. miluod abosleem

    so nice

  94. emi fujimoto


  95. Mike Mott


  96. The One Eyed Witness

    Are they Huskies or Malamuttes?

  97. Soleil is me.

    This is the splendor artwork by your camera and your great talent, thank you to share your best to flickr friends:)

  98. uglybitch25

    brilliant thanks for sharing

  99. Udayan Kapur

    Kazillion thanks for sharing this rare capture ?

  100. Steven Hegarty

    Please add your photo to the group

  101. LifePhobia

    Such a treasure!

  102. _Frutty_

    q perros esquimales tan raros :0?

  103. vic.v


  104. State Library of New South Wales collection

    Sorry, Szymin, this is Antarctica, not the Arctic, so no, not Captain Peary

  105. Szymin

    captain peary, right ?

  106. watson-family

    they look so diffrent from the huskies nowadays

  107. .vintage.

    es demasiado buenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  108. xmanphotography

    nice shot

  109. P.Yuraszeck

    more contrast? or not?

  110. iflaig

    amazing !!

  111. Phil du Valois

    Belle photo

    Clic Le cerf dans la Toile

  112. Oxblood Blue

    Such a simple pic yet so incredibly emotive !!!

  113. State Library of New South Wales collection

    Dear aspecticide

    I checked the Macquarie Dictionary and they seem to be almost interchangeable. Sled tends to be smaller. Sled derives from Middle English and sledge from Middle Dutch

  114. aspecticide

    wouldn’t it be sled, not sledge?

  115. ldivita13

    Belle photo

  116. 2011Okk

    Fabulous shot !

  117. digital kid2007

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  118. Jonathan Pie

    Amazing photo. love the whole composition!

  119. |martin|

    hermosa foto

  120. shoshya


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    loove iTT



    Keep it upZz.. xD

    Comm me please

  121. Richarrd Larsson (No Longer Active)

    This is a classic.

  122. ...linger

    it’s interesting because it really does look like a drawing compared to lots of other photos i’ve seen from this expedition.

  123. Gujjama

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  124. Zack the Doofus

    Lovely picture. Definately a masterpiece in its own right.

  125. Granados García


  126. ai922

    Amazing how Hurley was able to capture action shots like this .. back then!!

  127. A.N.U.R.A.G. is Busy

    very powerful capture!

  128. Arbi Siddiqi

    wow amazing photo !

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  134. Bas Lammers

    amazing picture

  135. fotografía gitana

    breathtakingly beautiful!

  136. pyrochick

    htis pic is so beautiful

  137. buckercrow

    Mush! Love It!

  138. James Bateman

    Makes me think I am a complete hack shooting digital and not getting a shot this good!

  139. 崔子揚

    I like it~

  140. skinjester

    huskies looked fiercer in the past

  141. halina-anna

    Super photo ?

  142. stschreppitsch (Yes .... ! :-)


  143. Crys Nic

    wow AWESOME

  144. TheUnrequitedTV

    …i believe all the polar expeditions of this era used dogs from Greenland, which were notoriously capable and tough. and they weren’t picky eaters either; any of the bitches that were having pups had to be kept separate, as the pups would be devoured…

  145. air-conditioned

    these pieces must be very fragile
    the provided links mention the medium of this piece, so why bother asking
    fyi it’s been used for a cover of a paperback also – (found via tineye)

  146. Daniel_0312


  147. halina-anna

    Super !

  148. hemant dangare

    Stunning shot

  149. PrOzZ

    awesome!!!!!!! gr8 photo

  150. tozofoto

    Your favourite photos

  151. cole97 :-)


  152. Sophie van Dijk

    it looks a bit like a drawing
    i love it

  153. m6sport™

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  155. ntmilan

    so impress!

  156. g nikulasson


  157. adpower48

    Really nice!

  158. King Ralph 71

    I love this photo, reminds me when I grew up in Northern Manitoba dog sledding too. Awesome

  159. Focus PhoDography

    Those are some Serious Dogs there.

  160. artland

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  161. artland

    wonderfulllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. Luigi 77

    Adoro esos perros!!!!!

  163. masoud khamis

    great shor >


  164. Erick C

    awesome photo. really love it

  165. exile and the kingdom

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  167. .cristiane

    but, why can’t people just see and comment the picture instead of keep putting a million notes like this?

  168. ndnbrunei

    From back in the days when dogs did not have to make fashion statements. These look like real working dogs.

    Great photo – thanks for posting it.

  169. yamahagarn

    Fantastic picture

  170. bellaouch_khalid

    love this pic

  171. GSanto

    Wow!! good shot!

  172. State Library of New South Wales collection

    Dear Unfinished Project
    This is really a photograph. You can see a more detailed view of the photograph here

  173. Unfinished Project

    There’s a really really nice atmosphere, I would like to enjoy if it weren’t so cold.
    But that’s definately no picture. It’ a painting or a very old heavily restorated picture.
    Go for the big one on their HP and you will see.

  174. ya_ken

    oh, wow, its really nice!

  175. eFFervescenT...=]

    Not one word can completely describe the photo! Amazing. . .

  176. Nat*Cat

    I’m gonna bet those are something more closely akin to early Akitas… like the Karafuto dog, no extinct. This is spectacular!!

  177. dongraham1

    Unbelievable! Cool shot.

  178. R i c h a r d

    such a superb image on such early equipment in such extrme conditions.. a triumph!

  179. N*E*N*E*H


  180. RaffertyEvans "Off Line"

    Lovely photo… So much detail.

  181. H.Tilbe

    Great picture..Great shot !

  182. little linus


  183. xelusionx

    so awesome!

  184. caoseducado

    Shadows! Shadows! Amazing photo! Brave explorers! I’ve got to get me another life in the golden age of Antarctic exploration!

  185. Roy G.

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  189. Claytonia

    Wow–That light is amazing, otherworldly. What an interesting vintage photo!

  190. Martin Magnusson


  191. scottelbot

    this is amazing.

  192. Jan Szymon

    verry good picture.
    However, it seems to me that on this photo or Greenland dogs or Japanese Akita not husky… Of course, I can be wrong, but the construction of the body, rather to indicate the dog breeds of the above-mentioned

  193. mariatrillo


  194. haiau652002

    I love it

  195. emma.lee'

    Stunning shot but not sure if they’re huskies…? They look like wolves! lol Beautiful picture, though x =D

  196. Arpad Lukacs Photography


  197. sugadosio

    Stunning photo

  198. Φίλιππος( Phill)

    really great photo

  199. Innapropriate sense

    This is incredible.

  200. jacilluch

    preciosa foto !!! ?

  201. Jean Knowles

    This dates from a time when huskies were bred for their strength as working dogs, with little regard for their looks. And yes, the fan hitch is particularly useful when crossing ice floes.

  202. The_cheeseman

    This is an amazing photo! They look like prehistoric beasts, not like dogs.

    Thanks for sharing!

  203. Photos by Michelle Joseph

    Great photo. Those dogs sure do look tough!

  204. ♪ Brigitte...Meh ♫

    love it

    reminds me of my former home, alaska

  205. derektataaaa

    Beautiful Photo

  206. tvsmash

    This fan-hitch is used to cross rough, uneven, barren country. It allows the dogs to move around ice chunks and across crevasses individually. It is primarily used only in the arctic circle region and while on coastal ice flows.

  207. Kerri-Jo

    wow what a shot!

  208. ttez


  209. jyotsnapathania2000

    Superb idea of taking a picture of proud Huskies pulling their sledge, , how well they look almost like lions

  210. wade in da water

    One of those ‘if I had only taken it’ shots.

  211. randomonix

    kool expresions! great stuff :D!!!!

  212. Pez Brige

    amazing… dogs have some werewolfe look…

  213. shak.nasir

    Amazing shot

  214. lyinker

    like a movie placard ! fantastic shot

  215. azeaishtar

    lupi ….

  216. Unitary

    love this shot!!

  217. cbrodzky

    very nice!

  218. Jean Knowles

    It’s amazing how many people don’t get that this was taken in the early 1900s.

  219. WillBS

    Fabulous .. the picture was very nice .. you are the man

  220. Red Snapper9


  221. photogeeek

    superb shot!~

    are u freezing when u took this?

  222. W10

    Top class…!!!

  223. sev0r

    Ohhh wow !

  224. aditi_g

    Beautiful snap…. Almost like they are walking to you ..

  225. Omnishots.

    What a wonderful shot!

  226. Sloan G.

    Haha as a Yukon man it’s odd to see dogs arranged in a fan as opposed to a line. This way everyone gets a view… not just the lead dog.

  227. Jungleboy*

    great shot!!

  228. Azzedine Jamal // Dark ² fast

    Amazing !

  229. Portokalis

    ???? ????…..

  230. akos.toth


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  232. msokal

    Great find!.Thanks for share.

  233. me_warnai


  234. dw ork


  235. Selene...

    Wonderful shot!!!

  236. Stathis Tzouvaras


  237. joyoflife2


  238. dr.Ōzda

    Some commented on the line set up. This is known as a fan hitch, it is a common set up in Greenland and the Canadian Arctic or in treeless tundra areas.



  240. artland

    wonderfulllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  241. Marc Veraart

    very cool.. where did you find this picture?

  242. digital kid2007

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  252. Aritz_26


  253. bloggerknight

    Nicely done.

  254. cltan47

    Could standing on right side,so that taking photo with the dogs running and also some actions with this person.

  255. Alex Alexandrovna slooooooow

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  259. s1ash3r

    Great !!

  260. JennKim~~*

    love this photo

  261. web4vn


  262. woolitbe"

    Great shot!!!!

  263. Scarlet alias -photo.north-

    Excellent, I love this one!!

    Feel free to take a look through my photostream

  264. ℭonceição ℭosta

    Bela foto!!

  265. Otima

    that says cold!

  266. P a u F e r i a


  267. NR-SDT

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  268. Lone Wolf23

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  269. Bob AuBuchon

    Great photographic work!

  270. tough enough

    Awesome photo, those are some wonderfully built huskies!
    Love the silver photo!


    awesome shot..very classic especially the perspective..i love it!!!

  272. dewwater


  273. Fran.Marchena

    An impressive pic!!!!

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  275. pietro reportage


  276. DU...

    simplesmente impressionante!!!

  277. Michelle0072

    Captivating Image

  278. kingdom of heaven

    fantastic image, very impressive

    love the treatment; seems to transport us into a completely different wold. very interesting!

  279. Deb Ebbeling

    Such an amazing photograph ~ Wow!!

  280. Firas f

    nice nice

  281. Isa y su gato

    impresionante!!!!!!!!!! me impactaron los perros!!!!!!!!!!

  282. MarculescuEugenIancuD60Alaska

    Great image!! I love it!!

  283. giamplume

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  284. photographer padawan *(xava du)

    wow, fantastic !

  285. astrogirl969

    This is a wonderful shot with lots of emotion. Its a pity that so many of these old images don’t have a photographer attributed to them.

  286. eefajk

    I love this! It’s beautiful.

  287. stavrospap2004

    Very nice shot!
    Paris 2
    My Congratulations!

  288. Rebeak

    awesome capture of different type of sled dog sit up …dogs are normal in a stright line not many lines like this

  289. MKozmeniuk

    Love it !

  290. haymaco

    those are kinda big for huskies still its an amazing picture

  291. Afioni

    Can’t you hear the snow crunch and squeak?

    Makes you want to be on that sled! Great shadows,

    Bravo, and against the light!

  292. J A Mortram

    Love this. All of them have such character in their faces. Wonderful angle too : D

  293. hugojcardoso


  294. blossomblue

    brilliant foto

  295. ross millar

    Great photo.

  296. rocket ship

    Oh my gosh this is so gorgeous!

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