Portrait of an articulated skeleton on a bentwood chair

Portrait of an articulated skeleton on a bentwood chair
dog clothes
Image by Powerhouse Museum Collection
Format: Glass plate negative.

Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.

Part Of: Powerhouse Museum Collection

General information about the Powerhouse Museum Collection is available at www.powerhousemuseum.com/collection/database

Persistent URL: http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/collection/database/?irn=386897

Acquisition credit line: Gift of the Estate of Raymond W Phillips, 2008

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486 Responses to “Portrait of an articulated skeleton on a bentwood chair”

  1. MarkusGW

    I am sure the telephone has been photoshopped out as he was actually on some helpline…

  2. hbuilt

    is this a real or fake skeloton?

  3. MEB and/or Sylvan Mortensen

    Sitting in the bathroom, using the Ped Egg on one’s feet can do that.


    Muy buena toma , hay que ver lo que hace la dieta vegetariana . saludos .
    Andr?s .

  5. Yousef Malallah

    This is a masterpiece!

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  6. thecheeseparty

    i want that sink in my bathroom

  7. remedysains

    COOL ?

  8. zario m

    ma quante note…

  9. i'm a witch

    this is completely wonderful

  10. Jogrock


  11. elizabeth carrillo puche

    me facinan los flakos!!!!

  12. riccardotipaldi

    That’s cool

  13. (:hristopher

    very nice

  14. Mr Defective Crocker

    love will tear us apart..?

  15. jacraig314

    Great shot! Would love to use this a my online dating profile photo! LOL!

  16. The guy from the hamburger train.......

    love it………….

  17. Du Lac

    better in a bar!

  18. ▲TN

    hahahaha ?Qu? buena!
    Me gusta un mont?n!
    Que interesante el esqueleto! Enhorabuena por todo lo que esta recibiendo la foto, te lo mereces!
    Saludos :

  19. jo.misere

    bad water ?

  20. rorschach_marlee

    funny ?

  21. muriahgorde

    Happy Halloween! :))

  22. Godmim

    It’s great!

  23. dmunroephoto

    No matter how many times I see this one, it still never fails to amuse me.

  24. odoiporos

    ha ha! they had great sense of humor!

  25. neil_gaudet

    that’s awesome

  26. Giacomo Di Sciullo


  27. dorivalsanches


  28. djuBOX Image & Creation

    I love the story this photo tells…!

  29. JoyceSouza


  30. Fadorak

    Let me guess,… he went to the hairdresser without an appointment ?

  31. CrossFire777

    Wonderful shot.

    "Is this Windows machine everrrrrrrrrrrrrr gonna finish booting up?"

  32. AMKs_Photos


    Your photo is a Wildlife Award winner!

  33. Lucky libra

    good shot like the pose

  34. Manifestaciones de una mente perturbada.

    so nice

  35. Sanjay Mahawar

    Succeed in believing that you will not fail.
    Use diligence and determination to set your sail.

    When the weather is stormy and the waters are rough,
    In the moment of peril the strong get tough.

    Whenever life presses you down a bit.
    Stand up and shout, "I will not quit!"

  36. Sanjay Mahawar

    Hey what a life that was…Waiting for another life for now…

  37. sgfrontmann

    right on, dig it.

  38. Suicidequeer

    Wow , I like it… this photo is amazing! ? Greeting?s!

  39. steve-bury-2004

    This is how i felt after being on the phone to my ISP provider trying to sort my internet connection out!

  40. crissouli

    Wonder if the Brisbane to Redcliffe train is running late?

    (It’s been an election promise since the late 1890’s…)

  41. French Toast.

    What an amazing photo!

  42. Young Oldboy

    Someone’s indeed of a good meal !!

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  45. Mr. Vincent Blond


  46. Tashunka Witko (alias CP)

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  47. Anfal AL-Ani - أنفال العاني

    Wooooooow !!


  48. Big Lion Head

    Jesus! Is nowhere safe from the insipid dribblings of self promoting SPAMMERS…!?
    I bet the above woman looks nothing like like that image without all that cheap, shiny tat on and without all that cement on her face and without those oh so obviously enhanced tits. And that internationally travelled Elvis lip-curl?.. Don’t make me laugh love, y’can’t kid a kidder. Infact, I bet you actually live in Swindon or some’t dontcha.


  49. JamesBurdenPhotography

    Very cool shot! And wonderful treatment. Nicely done.

  50. photosniper'is

    Great !

  51. Big Lion Head

    A man says to a doctor:
    "Doctor, I’m having trouble pronouncing my Fs and Ts"
    Doctor replies:
    "Well sir, you can’t fairer than that"

  52. magiccraft

    what was he waiting for?

  53. Laura Crocodile

    hahahahaha so funny!

  54. OliviaWasHere

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/98623830@N00] lmao! best comment ever ?

  55. Niko17

    like this!! Never wait for ladies

  56. lara hughes

    used this photo for some experimentation!


  57. Stéfan

    Cool stuff!

  58. kroldu

    muy bueno!

  59. allupbizarria

    The wait…. Genial…

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  61. Mariana Belaunde

    I like it.

  62. TAATU2010

    Still waiting for national digital preservation strategy

  63. monika.is/infinite

    wow, so many notes …….. lol, i added another one =)

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  65. Wonganella

    hah, good one:)

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  67. sivalios

    What a unique comment congregation!!!

  68. Big Rock Cat

    Hahahaha, the notes on this photo make it a Flickr legend!

  69. 'A l e x a n d r e

    Amei a foto estilo Dark n curto mais ta otima a picture ? parabens

  70. lindsmae

    those notes make me hate life but i love this picture

  71. cc_daily_pic

    Somebody had a lot of free time! I blogged it!

  72. Kuizz & the tears of the Black Tiger

    I just wanted to comment…

  73. eglantine 44

    Simplement g?nial.

  74. Love Manor

    Very similar to my own Mr. Bones in my photostream! We should set them up on a date. ?

  75. Neylö's Photographie

    Creativ! ?

  76. josephchan749

    wow. he might need some dinner?

  77. OliviaWasHere

    This is awesome!!

    Found in a search. ( ?? )

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  81. hinhin.

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  82. Pjotre7

    Nice work!

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  83. mister-green

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    i love this picture!

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  86. anthonymaw

    yeah it say a lot about photographic exposure times back in the old days! hehehe

  87. thanks for the memories!


  88. Iain ★

    i love this soooo much! and ron ray i found your note xD

  89. ♪ ǝɹǝɥ ǝɹǝʍ noʎ ɥsıʍ

    me gusto :O

  90. gogo]

    ohhhhhh thanksss""""""so bad

  91. leonardiranggana


  92. TeaCosyFolk

    He looks like he’s been waiting for quite a while!!


  93. T~ a

    look at the notes@@..lol



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  95. peter maillardet

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    that’s amazing, really caught my attention!

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  101. chillywilly36

    Dude that is like way sick! I love it! Great job.

  102. Ansell Wannabe

    Where’s the Photo Gone? LMAO

  103. ngocanh2010

    choy` dek’ xao thja’ ghe^ woa’ dza. choy`

  104. srirang1

    Bleeding vandals with their imbecile notes on a beautiful photo!

  105. alice22:22

    Love it ?

  106. kustom1958

    This is what happens when you don’t "take a number"…..

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  111. iEricZhou

    it must be thinking, where is my girl(boy)?,hahhaha

  112. KAFKA*Prjct ®

    wOw what a nice shot. 377 comments and 100,000,000 tags must agree. Glad I found this one.

  113. izzfizzleyo

    this is soo creepy and ere but really cool, it kinda reminds me of the old movies where they have the person in the bathrooms selling stuff:X

  114. TheSilentPiano

    amazing, love all the notes. this image should be flickr’s most popular for its notes!

  115. Hemiline

    Look at my stream. There are your brothers and sisters ?

  116. Keith Allso

    He looks so hungrey

  117. dpk2313

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  118. komicaura

    it’s beautiful too remember that we all have one of these amazing structures inside ourselves.

  119. curlytop3

    dial up just doesn’t compare to wireless…tee hee..

  120. Cocoa L

    That’s incredible. ? I love it!

  121. Schoolbookdepository


  122. cubanh

    I like it…

  123. paul great yarmouth

    He would be standing up if he wasn,t so bone idle!

  124. MAIKA 777

    Camareroooo! una cervecita, por favor! A ver si me an?mo un poco //;-)

    Waiteeeer! a beer, please! Let’s see if I cheer a littel. //;-)

  125. momoko_girl_1 (blythe stole my heart)

    WOW!!! :0)

  126. Roberto Salomão Coelho


  127. spyvspyaeon

    superb, is she waiting for her husband? lol (This photo has notes lmao shoulda call spam note?) damn couldn’t even read them ? anyway. Super photo. loved.

  128. twjii


  129. TheSilentPiano


  130. ~ Jahel Cuevas

    OMG ! cuantas notas tiene esta foto :O?

  131. UMKA smiles

    <3 glass plates<3

  132. Victorciraptor

    Wow! That is totally awesome!

  133. Nacho Scratcho


  134. Grim Jellynton

    nice frame around the image, good textures and great contrast

  135. Viki Olner

    great legs!

  136. |[ērror ]|™ ¬


    amazing pic

    love it


  137. Dragonize

    Sweet ?

  138. Clockwisecarrot

    If only I had that kind of style..

  139. axllv21

    This picture is so tagged that is almost impossible to load right

  140. zguiba2009

    fantastic work.

  141. bigredpenguin

    Gaston Gafiltaphish waited like no man has ever waited.
    Gaston was stupid.

  142. Matheus_Costa

    que classe ein?
    belo trabalho!

  143. geri11/30/73

    the skeleton looks as if he’s been working in the bathroom forever, when he died it was just cheaper to keep him.

  144. murdereveryone

    Hey I know him .. He was at the bar lastnight… wass dude …. se yaa boney

  145. rosedalyphotos

    I used the most tagged skelly on Flickr for my blog post about environmental management and art conservation. Thank you Powerhouse museum.

  146. Enchanticals

    He need to meet my Beau. Wonderful fun!

    Sometimes you do wait forever for the waitress to come back. ?


  147. sara_jo_2000@yahoo.com


  148. Anvil Rage

    Does this chair make me look fat?

  149. cosmo459

    i’m still thinkin

  150. Robert's Macro Photography Join Me on Face Book

    I guess they call him Mr. Bones????
    Great Photo

  151. ¶ GeorgiA

    ahahhahaah GREAT!

  152. Hemiline

    It?s very cool. Look at my skelett if you like them.

  153. P-Nguyen

    Cool !

  154. ExageraDuh

    boa imagem ?

  155. m e g • m a c

    Whoa! Chack out those tags!!

  156. h_okada

    It surely looks thoughful ?

  157. titaree


  158. ImStorsh


  159. Sailing "Footprints: Real to Reel" (Ronn ashore)

    I want to say "eerie" but the more I look at it, the deeper the image gets and goes beyond eerie. I wonder what, more than a hundred years ago the photographer was doing with this photo. Did he have any idea this would one day be considered art?

    or that this image would end up on flickr and receive 1,999 Favs, and surely more to come?

  160. X.Figuls


  161. Sir Francis Canker Jones

    Hilarious. So cool!

  162. Mirilamadrid

    ??????A la perinolaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! parece que adelgazaste jaja. ???Excelente miguis!!!

  163. - Uhules.media

    /ha // Uhules Great!

  164. unknownly

    cool skeleton!!!!!!!!!!

  165. legal lucy

    Too many goddamn tags

  166. DesMerveilles13

    very cool! I always wanted a skeleton… aside from the one covered by my human skin that is ?
    but all I get is the skull ?

  167. raiu9

    I dare say he looks like a fine gentleman. Charming too.

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  174. Fanny Betemps

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  175. Love Manor

    This is such an amazing photo!

  176. S a n t i a g o*, TODO REBAJADO ;D

    nice photo, i just love it : )

  177. sgrace

    awesome interaction. creepy.

  178. renovatio_l


  179. arinaldi94

    ahah . very good

  180. Woodenship


  181. wenn607

    Wonderful photo,wonderful comments.I love love love this.Amazing! I have never seen so many notes as long as I have been looking on this Flickr.Halarious!

  182. liahiro

    I have never seen so many notes on a photograph!! LOL!!

  183. Edgar Pulido (flickr again)

    i cant find my own note

  184. Vamos al mundo donde yo vivo



  185. macbeth.

    what’s fucking wrong with those notes? Jesus!

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  188. Pagan Moth

    waiting for doctor brodie’s report

    i love what the notes have done to the picture. damn.

  189. Alvaro Cruz Ramos

    Waiting an ideal person?

  190. eduardo143

    hay se secoooooo

  191. titaree

    Nice shot!!

  192. Jack Mabbs

    this is quality

  193. Patrícia!

    Uau! Fabuloso! ? Parab?ns!

  194. Spatial Pan™

    I think he’s overdone it with the facial scrub!

  195. E.V. Studio

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  196. . Nevery Lorakeet .

    OMG! Asolutely stunning!

  197. arch_omgirc

    hehehe, he has a boner

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  200. lil miss mj

    omg! my uncle will love this pic

  201. Nelbox

    The photographer was quite slow, don’t you think? lol ?

  202. Rodríguez V.

    lol like it!

  203. horsecrazy4

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  206. C.Emilio

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  207. Camilo Cifuentes

    Looks like Joel Peter Witkin ?

    But amazing!

  208. Sandro V-R 

    Good Idea

    Heart of leaf

  209. Zoom Lens

    It always amazes me that you can fill this skeleton out one way and it becomes "just" an "ordinary" man or woman, and you can fill it out another way and it becomes Sophia Loren or Arnold Schwarzenegger!

  210. Leoparda atigrada

    Est? genial,jajajjaja

  211. __NoisE


  212. Greatest hits!

    so many noteeessss!

    kisses ma!

  213. The Lego Loᴙikeet™

    the best part is all the notes!

  214. D4tography

    I’ve never seen an image here on flickr as infested with notes as this one….might be a record.

  215. jbwhitewhale

    I love Halloween!

  216. ambris

    ah!ah!so funny!

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  219. -delp-

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  220. Clockwise Cat

    the notes are freakin’ HILARRYUS!!!!!!!!!

  221. cathie joy young

    Skeleton walks into a bar, asks for a beer and a mop.
    ( my favorite joke)

  222. Alessandro Cesare Ferro

    Hahaha….Bellissima !!! – Beautiful !!

  223. pnolte

    I added my note

  224. Sasan Fahimi

    Unfinished life!

  225. inahalfshell

    Add a glass of wine on the sink and, I think, the image would be nearing perfect.

  226. cathie joy young


  227. Pagan Moth

    right off doctor brodie’s report heh

  228. Chuck H W

    40+ Tags…really?

    Looks like you forgot to tag "air"

  229. Zooman2009

    Must Havebeen using skeleton staff.

  230. Little Michelle

    Amazing!..I love it.

  231. Mouin.M►(away)

    i used to see skeletons like that at the laboratory
    its meaningless

  232. casey102


  233. ............ ............


  234. Rosolino Ganci


  235. POUS58

    He wasn’t in a rush to get home !!!!

  236. Yan-Ping Wei

    so cool

  237. wijo ve

    ese se quedo asi esperando llegara el agua!! seguro es de caracas

  238. Lira ♥


    how is this possible?!?!?!

  239. Tilemahos Efthimiadis

    This is not Sparta.
    this is MADNESS!!!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  240. Alish Heavenly

    nice guy)))))

  241. Zooman2009

    I suppose the place had skeleton staff

  242. KriSsSsSsSsS

    very good!!!!!!!!!!

    I love it!!!!!!!!

  243. inventor_77

    enough notes, eh?

  244. Big Lion Head


  245. oriol04

    so funny image

  246. Antonio Cubello


  247. JaxsLady

    The man had feared that his death would be painful, but it came so peacefully. As he slipped away, in his favourite Bentwood chair, his only regret in life, was having alienated his children. How long would he sit, in the bathroom of his old English cottage, was his last thought, as he was passing……

    Beautiful picture, conjures up so many ideas as evidenced by the viewers and their comments.

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  257. DAR Photos & Photoshop

    "So, come here often?"

  258. jenga-elizabeth-earrings

    May I ask how it got all ambushed with notes?? Or is that just a bunch of losers doing stuff to amuse themselves? Can you delete them at all? And also, I love the picture. So funny "I wonder if there are windows in the washroom"

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    What made people decide to hijack this lovely/hilarious photo with notes? I love the effect, I just wonder how it happened.

  262. recubejim

    Mr. Cool. One way the beat the heat of climate change!

  263. White Dolphin_


  264. durgeshnandini

    great concept . composition n pose is marvellous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  265. lelialencar

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    Beautiful portrait. ?

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    deep relax!

  269. Ansell Wannabe

    Looks like the waiting room at any Gov Dept! LOL

  270. titeyogarunner

    look at the similarity with titeyogarunner!

  271. dschodo

    very creative !

  272. raed al-sane

    perfect man !!!!

  273. ϟ Haa-y

    que doido rashei GSAYGASGYSA *-

  274. Paul Boomsma

    nice model

  275. belatacadrus

    pretty nice

  276. Chris.Lin

    very cool shot!

  277. wonderlily

    charming ?

  278. Lanvacette

    I like the shapes all the notes make on the pic.

  279. f.roca2009


  280. mauro353

    …Waiting for the barber….. gooooooooooooood shot.

  281. Big Lion Head

    Now then; take a deep breath………
    Personally speaking the adding of multiple boxes and notes works marvelously on a number of levels. There’s the level of obvious frivolity and humor which ties in nicely with the original theme of the image itself ie. a bit of a laugh. There’s also a privacy factor in that eventually, the sheer volume of notes/boxes will render the image impossible to see and thus affording the subject a little privacy, dignity and respect because let’s face it, setting up a human skeleton in this way doesn’t exactly display a huge amount of respect for the dead. That is of course unless the ‘sitter’ knew well the ‘placer ‘ and indeed asked for that picture to be set up for him. (Doubtful but possible all the same)
    There’s also the fact that the adding of notes is adding to the impact of the image from a contemporary artistic viewpoint. Some of the comments are very thoughtful and left-of-center, the massive volume of opinions somehow gives the image a whole new dimension otherwise forgotten, unseen and unimagined by the original creator. I personally would be ‘chuffed to bits’ if one of my own images took on such vibrant attention……..Enough justification prattle from me. If you’ve read this far, thankyou for your patience. If you’ve not read this far then you won’t be reading this bit, in which case I can safely say that those who don’t like the adding of multiple notes are just Farty-piss-pimple-nosed-shit-stains. ?
    Add a note in the name of art and respect I say.

  282. intarigava

    powerful powerhouse!

  283. francespawley1

    This poor man should be laid to rest. Horrible!

  284. gourai-israel


  285. simonasalmieri

    what a pity all that notes on it!

  286. MzSusanB

    awesomely random!

  287. Christophe Béranger

    An old nice picture ?

  288. [G3S4]

    Che figata!

  289. callumchristie

    sooooo many notes

  290. Mary Angelini Photography

    Fantastic capture!!

  291. il bruno

    …he still waiting

  292. BouleDeVerre

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    love it….

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    thanks for your support and friendships and the
    sharing of your fantastic photography work!!
    I am truly appreciate it!
    All the best my dear friend!!! Rosping

  430. ~~**~~MissMadameS~~**~~ - Busy, so no invites!

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    Great photo!

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    But I’m wondering how u kno if it’s a woman or man?

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    I sent an email using your website’s contact form earlier today, because I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed browsing around the photos, and am interested in maybe using the images in various ‘Wikimedia Foundation’ projects like Wikipedia ?

    hope it gets through ok, and thanks heaps regardless for the simply stunning imagery!

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